What style of rug for the living room?

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Plain rug to highlight a color or patterned to add relief to the living room?

In addition to visually framing a space, the carpet also enhances furniture and decoration according to its color. Its color, which obviously depends primarily on your tastes, can also echo the colors present in your interior to support a decorative style or, conversely, bring a touch of originality if the selected color stands out from the rest.

We notice that the light carpet accentuates the effect of grandeur, while a dark model tends to focus the eye on the furniture that surrounds it. Your choice may therefore be influenced by your decorating needs.

Fortunately, there are a few styles of rugs that have become essential over the years, and which will allow you to decorate your living room without making a mistake!

The Berber carpet: ethnically inspired, the Berber carpet is generally made of light wool with graphic patterns in a darker color. It finds its place in an interior of industrial inspiration as well as Scandinavian or boho.
The natural fiber rug: often round, the natural fiber rug has a pretty neutral color that allows it to adapt to any interior. Its relatively small size is perfect for a studio or a small living room.
The graphic carpet: made very trendy with Scandinavian decoration, the graphic carpet is often made of cotton and made up of geometric patterns. In pastel, bright or more classic colours, it is also suitable for any style of decoration. Often light, it is easy to clean and moves easily.

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